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Page history last edited by Dan Morris 14 years, 9 months ago

Widefield Staff Development - June 2-3, 2009

21st Century Teaching and Learning



Dan Morris - CDE Director of Educational Technology and Innovation            morris_d@cde.state.co.us

Kent Tamsen - Director of Technology and Information Services, Widefield  tamsenk@wsd3.k12.co.us  


Our Objective is to explore the Essential Question:

  • What is 21st century learning and teaching?
    • What do 21st century "engaged" learning activities look like?
    • What does a 21st century classroom look like?
    • What are the tools educators are using to create and support 21st century learning and teaching?
    • How can(how do) web 2.0 "tools" support 21st century learning?
    • How can we "model" the use of these tools as teachers and leaders for our students?
    • How do I design effective lessons/activities that engage students in 21st century skills?
    • What do 21st Century students look like?  What skills can we expect from them?  What are our minimum expectations?





Agenda Item


Tools Used


Wiki - http://21ctlearning.pbworks.com

(this is the "hand-out" for the workshop)



June 2          June 3

Google Documents
What are 21st Century "Skills"?

Prioritizing 21st Century Skills Activity

Wiki - http://21ctlearning.pbworks.com/21stcenturyskills

Draft of the Refreshed Colorado Model Content Standards


Intel Thinking Tools

Exploring  Web 2.0

Wiki and various sites 

Recommended Applications

What Web 2.0 Tools did you find that you would like to explore further and that will support your teaching? - Survey

Google Documents

Exploring Thinkfinity Resources

  • Lessons
  • Web sites
  • Interactives
  • Searches

Thinkfinity -  http://www.thinkfinity.org/

What resource(s) did you find that may directly support your teaching and students?Integration_Plan_Template.doc

Staff Development Oppotunities from CDE



Individual Planning and Exploration



Next Steps



Wrap-up and Evaluation

Please complete the online evaluation by clicking here 















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