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Duran, Caroll

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About Me:

I am a sixth generation Coloradoan and currently live in Thornton.  In my free time, which I have little of these days, I enjoy hanging out with friends, doing artwork and reading.  I have a six year old son, and try to remain balanced when facing the many challenges that life brings me.




Professional Experience: 

Recently, I have chosen to change jobs and begin working at Hinkley High School because it is a place in which I have more opportunity to grow professionally. I have taught English for three years at the middle school level and now will be transitioning into high school. 


Action Plan: my tech action plan.doc


Essential Questions:

·       How can the leader support teacher effectiveness to improve student achievement

·       What is a 21st Century school/district/teacher/administrator?



Your Next Steps



Identify “next steps” that you want to take in each of the six identified educational leader standards and the three strand areas to create your own personal action plan. Be sure to identify any resources you have identified during the session that you want to use or explore further. Use the template that follows this page.



Strand 1 – Basic Technology Skills and Applications

What skills, experience, and/or willingness can an administrator model in regards to using technology without having to be an “expert”?

NETS- A – III Productivity and Professional Practice

Educational leaders apply technology to enhance their professional practice and to increase their own productivity and that of others.



Strand 2 – Leadership Skills

How will you, as a leader and facilitator, help others focus on a vision that improves student achievement and facilitates continuous professional growth?

NETS A –I Leadership and Vision

Educational leaders inspire a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conducive to the realization of that vision.

NETS A –II Learning and Teaching

Educational leaders ensure that curricular design, instructional strategies, and learning environments integrate appropriate technologies to maximize learning and teaching.

NETS A –IV Support, Management, and Operations

Educational leaders ensure the integration of technology to support productive systems for learning and administration.

NETS A –V Assessment and Evaluation

Educational leaders use technology to plan and implement comprehensive systems of effective assessment and evaluation



Strand 3 – Social, Legal and Ethical

What systems and resources do you need in place to ensure that available technologies support and enhance the learning environment?

NETSA -VI Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues

Educational leaders understand the social, legal, and ethical issues related to technology and model responsible decision-making related to these issues.




Some questions to consider while you develop you own action plan (set of next steps) to help you lead to effectively integrate ICT into your school.



Describe your greatest strength in helping to integrate ICT into practice in your school


At Hinkley and in Aurora Public Schools there is a defined focus on integrating technology into the classroom; this is definitely a benefit in integrating ICT.  Consequently, there are Promethean and Smart Boards in numerous classrooms.  Also, the school has many sets of "clickers," visualizers and screen projectors.  I am comfortable with this technology and so I am fully capable in practicing the use of technology to benefit students. 







Describe your greatest weakness in helping to integrate ICT into practice in your school

If I was to help integrate ICT practice in my school, the a weakness in my school would be the few staff members who are resistant to integrating technology constantly.  I have heard that there are some some staff members who have Prometheans, but rarely use them....what a waste!  Another weakness that is being faced is the lack of equitable access to the technology that is provided, because all teachers do not have the same technology.






Describe your greatest “personal” staff development need(s) in the area of ICT

I am fairly computer literate, so I do not tend struggle too much with technology.  However, I am currently rejecting the IPOD and have not gotten one because of my attachment to CDs!  It's outdated technology, I know.  Regardless, my greatest need for staff development would be in the technology we are learning in this class.  I want to be able to create a Wiki and use Google docs.








Describe what you believe to be the greatest staff development need(s) of teachers in your school in the area of ICT


Everyone tends to use technology regularly within my building, but I think overall, the teachers need to be fully trained on the capabilities of the technology that is used.  Also, we must continue to be trained in the technology that is constantly created.  In addition, we must “equalize” as well as we can the staff’s abilities in the areas of technology.







Technology Tools you want to explore (software, hardware, Web 2.0, etc.)


ü      PB Wiki

ü      Intel Education

ü      G Cast

ü      I Google

ü      Google Docs







School resources and support you will need


For the above tools, I do not need many resources except for a computer and computer labs because these tools are free.  However, support from administration is necessary.





Comments (2)

isobelsdad said

at 9:38 am on Aug 2, 2008


My wife's name is Anna Orton-Boyd. She teaches at Explore Elementary. She also taught at Thornton Elementary a few years. Where does your son go to school?

Dan Morris said

at 6:19 pm on Aug 14, 2008

Good job, and good luck

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